Copyrights & Privacy By placing an order a customer expresses the right to reproduce the submitted images under copyright law. All materials provided for restoration and reproduction are accepted on the strict understanding that the client owns copyright or permission has been obtained from the owner in writing. Customer agrees to be held liable for any costs associated with court action resulting from violation of copyright.

All original materials presented on this website including but not limited to images, text, source code, etc., unless stated otherwise, cannot be copied, duplicated or distributed by any means without an expressed permission. Any unauthorized use of all or any part of the name, images, text, source code, and any other intellectual property is liable to give rise to legal proceedings.

Sebastian Wintermute accepts no liability or responsibility for any materials or information other than on this web site, which is published, posted or transmitted without an expressed written permission.

Credits Proper credits must be provided whenever the work created by Sebastian Wintermute is used or displayed. This includes but is not limited to printed publications, interactive media, film and video production and any and all commercial uses. Sebastian Wintermute will be provided with a copy of the final product his work was used in, signed by the author, the artist, or the principal performer. Sebastian Wintermute is entitled to fair compensation for commercial use of all work produced by him upon the request of a client.

In accordance with United States and International copyright laws Sebastian Wintermute reserves the right to use the images, documents and any other materials that have been submitted for restoration or consideration, for promotional purposes such as publication on a web site, inclusion into promotional printed materials and any other medium.

Any image restoration or retouching of which went beyond removal of the damages or on which the original content has been modified on or over three quarters of the total area is considered to be an original work by Sebastian Wintermute and is subject to United States and International copyright laws.

Limits and Liabilities Sebastian Wintermute uses utmost care in handling clients documents, prints, transparencies and negatives. Sebastian Wintermute makes all reasonable efforts to handle all customer materials in a manner that avoids handling or misuse by unauthorized parties.

Sebastian Wintermute will reasonably execute clients clear, complete instructions. If a client fails to provide such instructions or fails to provide a timely replies to any of updates or requests for feedback or additional information, Sebastian Wintermute reserves the right to complete the work to the best of his abilities and judgment or to stop all the work and return all the original materials to the client. In such case no refund will be issued on the deposit or any other amount paid by the client.

While Sebastian Wintermute can assure the high quality service in photographic reproduction, Sebastian Wintermute is not liable for any damages due to its failure to restore photographs in a manner that is deemed satisfactory by the customer, delay in delivering of the product, any technical problem or loss or destruction of files, prints, transparencies or negatives due to the circumstances beyond control of Sebastian Wintermute. Exact color matching is not guaranteed due to the limitations of photographic materials and viewing conditions.

Submitting any photographs, documents, files, CDs, film, print or any other items to Sebastian Wintermute for retouching, restoration, archiving or printing constitutes an Agreement by client to assume full liability for any damages or loss that may occur during the delivery of the items and to release Sebastian Wintermute from any liability for any damages to the items that may occur during restoration process. The client agrees to pay in full any additional cost of insurance that the client may request to protect the items during shipment or during the restoration process or to personally purchase such insurance.

Sebastian Wintermute will not be liable for any damage occurred during delivery of the materials by any third party to or from the studio and reserves the right to refuse the work or change the estimate price if the items arrive damaged or were not shipped according to specifications.

By placing an order with Sebastian Wintermute client agrees to this terms and conditions and to that any dispute with Sebastian Wintermute will be resolved through personal negotiation. Client will abstain from posting any negative ratings, reviews or comments accessible by public without prior attempt to resolve an issue personally and in good faith.

Seastian Wintermute will not be responsible for keeping any of clients materials, including the digital files, for over 90 days after the completion of work.

Hungarian Volksdeutsche 22nd SS Volunteer Division Maria Theresia -isms Sebastian Wintermute reserves the right to refuse restoration of photographs, images or documents that contain writings, symbols, or depictions of scenes that may be considered to promote any ideology of hatred, oppression or discrimination (fascism, nazism, communism, or any other -ism that may fit the description) unless such photographs, images or documents are needed for legitimate research or publication. Sebastian Wintermute reserves the right to refuse service for personal or technical reasons. Any pornographic, obscene, or abusive images will not be accepted and any image appearing to show criminal activities will be reported to the proper authorities.

Outsourcing To protect clients privacy and to provide the highest possible quality of work Sebastian Wintermute does not outsource any restoration projects or parts of projects to any outside companies or individuals. If for any reason a need for an outside consultant or expert help is required, Sebastian Wintermute will notify the client in advance and will not proceed without clients expressed permission.

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