Restore old photograph. Keeping valuable family photographs and wedding albums in a cardboard box stuck in a corner of a basement may result in irreplaceable heirlooms suffering severe water damaged, mildew stains and other problems that may be cause by a burst water pipe or hurricane flooding. Sebastian Wintermute strives to provide to his client the best photo restoration and conservation service avalable in New York City. Digitally archiving family photo albums and photogrphs shoould be the first step of protecting family history. Mildew stained photograph after restoration. After restoring the damages done to this photograph by water and subsequent mildew infestation, the image was printed on fine art photo paper to accurately reproduce the fine details of this beautiful old photo portrait of mother and her child. Restoration of a historic WWI photograph. A damaged and discarded glass plate negative taken for an official photo portrait of Milan Rastislav Stefanik who co-founded the state of Czechoslovakia. The glass plate negative was scanned at a high resolution to allow capture of even the smallest details Colorizing old black and white photoraph. After this historic WWI black and white photograph was scanned and restored it was hand colored, accurately recreating the appearance of WWI uniform and the military decorations as they were confirmed by research and consultations with experts in military history, decorations and uniforms. Archival scanning a large format negative.The photograph of Frank Sinatra getting of the TWA Lockheed Constellation airliner was snapped by a lucky shutterbug with an old fashioned 4x5 medium format press camera. Unfortunately, with time, parts of the negative faded and the surface became covered with multiple scratched caused by careless handling.  Digital archiving of historic photographs, family photo albums and documents. The negative was carefully cleaned to remove any of dust and debris accumulation. Ones the surface was judged to be sufficiently cleaned, the negative was scanned at 9600dpi resolution at full color setting to assure that even the smallest details would be preserved even if the image is enlarged to billboard size. The scratches and other damages were carefully retouched and some of the details of the image were enhanced for aesthetic reasons. Restoration of a rolled up photograph. Careless handling of old rolled up photographs can result in severe damage to the prints and the photograph literally falling apart by breaking along the folds and tears. Handling and restoration and flattening of rolled up photoshould be entrusted only to skilled photo restoration experts hy are equipped to carefully humidify, mend, and restore a rolled up photograph. Flatten curled-Up photos Humidified and partially flattened the previously rolled upphotograph is ready to be restored. Flattened and mended, this previously currled up old photograph was made ready for custom framing. To prevent any future damages, only archival, acid free photo mats and UV protective glass should be used. Restoration of a historic WWII photograph of generals MacArthur and general Eisenhower taken during their meeting in Japan. Prior to restoration an archival high resolution scan was made of the photograph to capture a digital image that retained the smallest details of the original down to the photo grain and the texture of the photo paper. Dwight Eisenhower, meets General Douglas MacArthur at Atsugi Airfield, Yokohama, Japan, May 10, 1946. Reproduction print of a historic WWII photograph. Scanned at high resolution and digitally retouched to restore the image of the famed American heroes the fine art print was made on acid free paper and sized to be ready for custom framing. Restore faded photograph. The old photograph on New York City’s St. Patricks’ Cathedral was taken at the time when 5th Avenue was a peaceful street perfect for a leisurely afternoon stroll and anything above the 72nd Street was considered to be the Upstate. Scanned at high resolution and carefully retouched the historic photograph of New York 5th Avenue with the view of St. Patricks’ Cathedral showing how unhurried life was in 19th century Manhattans Midtown was printed on fine art rug photo paper to replicate the look and the feeling of texture of the original print. Restoration of an old photograph stuck to glass. If a photograph that was not properly framed was exposed to high levels of humidity or became wet because of flooding, the chances are that it would become partially or whole stuck to the glass. The problem could be compounded if the glass is broken or if someone makes a haphazard attempt to detach photograph from the broken glass pieces. Depending on extend of the damage a photograph can either be separated from the glass with a minimal loss or it can be restored by digital retouching and reproduction of the original. Scanned, carefully retouched, and printed on archival acid free paper this previously stuck to glass photograph now looks as the day it was taken. Restoration of a torn photograph. Trying to mend an old family photograph with scotch tape should be considered a crime punishable by law. With time the tape dries and damaged the surface of the photograph while the chemicals eat through the emulation creating stains and tearing off the unbroken pieces of an irreplaceable family treasure. After careful cleaning, retouching, and restoration this old family photograph shows no signs of the horrible attempt to mend it with tape and glue. The first challenge in restoring this photograph was putting the pieces together, making sure that the edges are matched exactly, preventing overlaps or excessive gaps between the parts. After the separate pieces were brought together they were permanently joined using acid free archival tape of the same tape used for repaid of artwork, rare books and manuscripts.Ones the photograph was made whole again and could be handles without fear of it breaking into pieces, the surface was cleaned of dust, dirt and any other debris that accumulated over the years with soft brush and application of specially formulated photo cleaning solution. To restore the image and to bring back the original color of the photograph that has faded over many years of neglect, a high-resolution scan was made to capture all the details of the beautiful lacework on the wedding dress. Using advance photo retouching techniques the tears on the photograph were mended and missing areas restored and replaced to produce the restored image and prints that contained all the detail and richness of the original.
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