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Photo restoration stained photograph before and afterQuality photo restoration done by an experienced professional returns photographs that are about to vanish forever back to near pristine condition, to be appreciated as originally intended and to be safely shared with family and loved ones.

The process begins with a consultation during which the damage to the photograph is assessed and the client is advised about which techniques might be required to bring the image back and what materials may be used to do that.

restoration of old photographs, particularly those of the loved ones who are no longer with us, can be very personal and moving experience for many people. Sebastian appreciates, carefully listens, and follows any suggestions and wishes expressed by clients and strives to fulfill all of clients expectations.

Flatten and restore a rolled up photographFactors taken into consideration include the image's physical condition and shape (rolled up photos will have to be flattened, stains and creases repaired, etc), and necessary requirements for a final print of a restored photograph. Based on that an estimate is produced and photograph enters the first stage of restoration process.

Photo restoration is a difficult and time consuming art form, especially when it comes to working with extremely damaged photographs on which important parts, particularly facial features are damaged or missing entirely. But even in such cases artistic expertise and experience working with historical photographs allows for successful undertaking and completion of even the most difficult restoration projects.

Restoration of a photo of New York Sardi's restaurant original chef and staffProducing a high quality scan is the first and an extremely important step in photo restoration. The quality of the scan determines the quality of the result. Discount photo restoration services may use low quality scanners or require the clients to scan photographs themselves in hope that whatever imperfections or problems it may cause could be later fixes in Photoshop. Sebastian Wintermute utilizes professional equipment and software to ensure that the scans capture even the smallest details or the minute color variations needed for high quality restoration and photo replication.

Restoration of old family photograph by Sebastian Wintermute Studio, New York

Prior to scanning the original is cleaned of any surface dust and residue. Scans are done at resolution of at least 600dpi if the image is to be reproduced at its original size. Higher resolution is used if the image is to be enlarged or used for fine art reproduction, publication or digital archiving.

While many discount photo scanning services rely on automatic software options to remove dust and scratches from negatives and prints, Sebastian feels there is no substitute for scrutiny in restoration; he carefully retouches the image replacing missing or damages parts with pieces taken from undamaged areas or by carefully replicating the details avoiding loss of quality and clarity associated with use of shortcuts.

Intersection of Brodway, 23rd Street, and 5th Avenue before the construction of the Flatiron Building. Photograph restored by Sebastian Wintermuterestoration should not be a temporary fix. High quality printing is the key to the longevity of any restored photograph or document and Sebastian believes that only the supplies and materials that are guaranteed to last for generations should be used in this important step. All prints of the restored photographs are produced on fine art natural fiber acid free papers on a giclée printer. The manufacturers of paper and ink guarantee the prints to last for well over 150 years without fading if prints are to be displayed under normal conditions and for over 250 years if prints are kept in a proper archival environment.


Restoration and colorizing of WWII photograph.Some situations require photo retouching services beyond the realm of fraditional or digital photo restoration. Applying color to black and white photographs adds a wonderful touch to vintage and modern photographs alike. Originally a very difficult and costly process involving application of oil paint and specialty coloring markers onto a photo print, it has now become more affordable with the advances of digital photo retouching and allows a wide variety of colors to be applied onto a digital image with extreme precision and without any possibility of damage to the original.

General photo retouching such as replacement of colors, head shot retouching, addition or removal from a photograph of objects or people, and changing overall appearance of an image, is done upon clients request and only on photographs with no historical or artistic value.


Digitizing and photo archiving of family albums. Digital transfer and conversion of old photographs.Growing interest in genealogy and preservation of family history sparked a high demand for archiving and sharing of old family albums, photographs, and documents. Unfortunately many companies that offer photo scanning services are not prepared to handle fragile heirloom photographs, documents, and family albums. Risks of loss or damages to originals are compounded when work is outsourced to offshore companies.

Archival high resolution photo scanning of family photographs, photo albums, and archivesSebastian Wintermute offers personalized service and guarantees safety of all material entrusted to him for restoration or archiving. Each item is scanned individually eliminating the risk of damages that may be caused by an industrial automatic multi-page scanners. All scans are manually color corrected as required, minor dust and scratches are carefully reduced without lowering image sharpness or quality.

Restoration of a rolled-up photograph.
Comparrisment of scans made with an consumer quality scanner and a high resolution photo scanner used with conjuction with professional image processing and archiving software.

Negatives and slides can also be scanned with client receiving a CD, DVD or a flash drive containing high resolution files suitable for printing copies of originals as well as files to be archived, used in video presentations, shared on social media or used on genealogy websites.


restoration of photographs for publishing, documentary film production, genealogy and historical research. Fine art printing and high resolution archival photo scanning.

Restoration and print copy of 20th Anniversary Civil War Army Service poster. restoration Studio, New YorkMany collections of historic photography and documents, while steeped in meaning and emotional value, are too fragile to handle or too delicate to display. Accurate reproductions can be easily reproduced and solve many of these issues. These faithful facsimiles facilitate display to wider audience as illustrations of institutions legacy or corporate history, or as meaningful fine art. Other clients who often find themselves in need of expert photography restoration are publishers of historical books and periodicals, documentary filmmakers and genealogy researchers and all others who appreciate attention to details and accuracy of high quality restoration.

Oficial photograph USNS Eltanin with the expedition seal was restored by Sebastian Wintermute, New York, NY.restoration or replication of photographs and documents is a delicate and demanding process that requires great skills and dedication. Because of his technical expertise, knowledge of the history and evolution of photographic techniques, and high quality results Sebastian Wintermute has been entrusted to restore photographs and documents not only by private clients nation wide, but also by some of the most prestigious businesses and institutions. His work appeared in many publications and displayed in distinguished institutions such as New York Fencers Club, Greek Orthodox Archdioceses, The Masonic Lodge of New York, and Boy Scouts of America.

His print and media credits include:

HBO's Triangle: Remembering The Fire

The Lavender Scare
The Russian Woodpecker
YEVONDE: Be Original or Die!


Natalie Merchant - "Leave Your Sleep"


Thom Filicia - "American Beauty:
Renovating and Decorating a Beloved Retreat"

Jordan Auslander - "Weinstein-Postel: family origins"
Boruch Oberlander & Elkanah Shmotkin - "Early Years:
The Formative Years of Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson"

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