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Photo scanning and photo archiving

Sebastian Wintermute offers high quality photo scanning and photo archiving of vintage photographs, photo albums, negatives and transparencies, providing scans of unprecedented quality and retention of details, with the highest degree of attention given to preservation and safety of the originals.

Each image or a photo album page is scanned individually removing the risk of damage that may be caused by an industrial automatic multi-page scanners. All digital files are manually color corrected and minor dust and scratches are carefully reduced without lowering image sharpness or quality assuring that clients receive the best possible scans of photographs, artworks or documents.

To see the difference in quality of unretouched photo scans produced with professional high resolution scanners comparing to images produced by a common scanner used by many discount copy shops and photo service centers you can examine the two scans of the same photograph.

Both scans were made at the recommended 300dpi resolution. The scan on the left was made with a common all-in-one printer/copier/scanner. The scan on the right was made using a professional high resolution photo scanner. The result is a much sharper image, with better color balance and saturation. The image shows even the smallest details, while the image produced by the consumer grade scanner blurred the details and produced scan of overall inferior quality.

Negatives and slides can also be scanned with the client receiving a CD or DVD containing high resolution files suitable for printing and archiving, as well as images resized and optimized for posting on family websites, used in genealogy and family history software programs, or shared on social media.

Photo scanning FAQs


What is the resolution the scans are made?

To preserve as much detail as possible all scans are made at the resolution of at least 600dpi, 1200dpi minimum for archival image files.

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Can you scan 120mm or 110mm negatives?

Yes, any size negatives can be scanned from microfilm to 8x10 transparency film and glass plates.

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Is it possible to scan photographs from an old wedding album?

Absolutely. Photographs from old family, wedding, bar mitzvah albums can be scanned and archive along with any other items such as invitation cards, newspaper announcements, letters and guest cards. All photographs, album pages, and other items are handled with outmost care to prevent any damages to the treasured family heirlooms.

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Do you need to remove photographs from an album to scan them?

If photographs can be removed from an album it is done with outmost care to prevent any damage to the casing and the pages of an album.

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Do you clean negatives and prints before scanning?

Prior to scanning all negatives, prints, and album pages are cleaned to remove as much dust and particles as possible. If necessary special cleaning solutions such as photo emulation cleaning solutions such as PEC-12 are used to remove non water-soluble stains, such as fingerprint oil, ball point and permanent permanent inks.

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Once the photos are scanned do you do any additional retouching?

All digital files undergo individual retouching to remove the appearance of dust and scratches and other minor damages. To preserve the sharpness of the scans no automatic filters are applied to the images.

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How big can I make a print from a scan?

A 5x7 photo scanned at 600dpi can be enlarged to produce a high quality 8x10 print, retaining all the details and sharpness of the original. An archival scan, depending on the size and the condition of the original image, can be enlarged to produce a wall size poster.

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Archival High Resolution Photo Scanning

This service is intended for high-end digital image archiving and print publishing.

All prints are scanned at resolution of 1200dpi or higher. Each scan undergoes manual color correction, dust and scratch removal, and individual retouching of minor damages.

Photo Print and Flat Art Scanning   Price
5x7   $15.00
8x10   $25.00
11x14   $40.00
16x20   $90.00
Extra Large   from $120.00
Negative and Slide Scanning   Price
35mm slides   $4.00 ***
120/220mm film   $8.00 ***
Stereo slides   $15.00 ***
Fluid mount transparency scanning   Quote
***   ($100 minimum charge)

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