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Photo retouching and photo coloring

Some situations require photo retouching services beyond the realm of photo restoration. Because of the challenge and fun, Sebastian rarely turns away such requests, be it coloring of an old black and white picture or turning a digital snapshot into an antique photograph.

Coloring of old photographApplying color to black and white photographs adds a wonderful touch to vintage and modern photographs alike. Originally a very difficult and costly process involving application of oil paint and markers onto the original photograph, it has now become more affordable with the advances of digital photo retouching and allows a variety of colors and shades to be applied onto a digital image with extreme precision and without any possibility of damage to the original.

Antiquation of color photographPhoto Antiquation makes modern photographs appear historic through a process colorfully termed “digital distress”. With specialty vintage style papers and archival printers, Antiquation is the evil twin of restoration, because it includes the addition of tinting, fading and vignette, creation of creases, scratches, dust marks and rough edges. At significant extra cost (or less, depending on the day) a finished photograph can have coffee stains, cigarette burns, even boot prints, bloodstains, and claw marks added.

General photo retouching (change of color, modification of facial features or attire, addition or removal objects or persons) is done upon request and only on photographs with no historical or artistic value or legal ramifications.