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Sebastian is a wizard. He can turn back the hands of time when he restores photographs.

Natalie Merchant


Sebastian Wintermute works modern tech-magic on vintage documents and photographs.

Thom Filicia - "American Beauty"


Sebastian did an excellent job preserving and restoring my family photos and documents. He was meticulous, attentive, and most important, trustworthy -- after all, I left irreplaceable family items in his care and he treated them as his own. I strongly and without reservation recommend that you see Sebastian if you need preservation/restoration services; simply put, he's the best!

  Lucas C

Dear Mr. Wintermute,
The photographs are beautiful! You have done an amazing job. You have managed to bring out the best in them – giving them a consistent look, in terms of brightness and contrast, while at the same time maintaining the individuality and unique nature of each one. Perfect!

Josh Howard
Producer, Director
"The Lavender Scare"

Super fast, professional, and a joy to work with. Sebastian helped us with a key photo for our documentary. He worked during the holidays to meet our deadline, and he did an excellent job salvaging a damaged photo.

  Chad Cracia
  "The Russian Woodpecker"

What can I say? Sebastian is a miracle worker! His restoration of some very damaged photos, pre WWII, is nothing short of remarkable. His meticulous work has helped bring back to life my relatives who perished in the Holocaust. His work will be featured in the CD booklet for my humble project to remember my Uncle Norbert.

Roger Peltzman
Three Sons Learn How Their Mother Evaded Nazis

Sebastian restored an old family portrait (1918) that had become faded and actually broken into pieces. This picture was in a fragile state and so I was concerned about turning it over to anyone. I was very impressed not only with Sebastian's artistic capabilities in performing a flawless restoration, but also with the care and concern he showed both about the photo itself as well as my satisfaction with the final result. The picture came out perfect, better than I could have imagined; so much so that whenever someone in the family sees it they usually want a copy, and so I have been running back to Sebastian to have him frame additional copies for me. I highly recommend Sebastian and am thankful that I chose him for this project.


Kehot Publication Society Dear Sebastian,It gives me great pleasure to send you a copy of our latest publication, Early Years.I’m sure that you find you will find it very edifying.Thank you for your great work and your wonderful professionalism.Sincerely, Rabbi Yosef B. Friedman

So impressed by Sebastian's work - truly an artist at what he does. I found him on Yelp and gave him a very old Polaroid that was peeling and colors were faded, needless to say it required a lot a restoration. Sebastian was extremely helpful and friendly. Finished the job quick and sent me updates of the progression of his work which was amazing! It was very clear he put a lot of time and effort into this project, and it showed. I'm very happy with his work and would definitely recommend him!


Expert Photo Services. Went to Sebastian to restore old photos, and to digitalize childhood photos to use for a slide show and to display for my upcoming wedding. Wasn't sure what to expect, but his pricing was fair, and I received everything on time, exactly when promised. Most importantly, everything turned out perfect! Sebastian is definitely talented, and does a great and professional job. Highly recommended!!


Loved the work that Sebastian did on a 1778 newspaper I had. Great restoration and great scans; I recommend him highly!


Sebastian does amazing work and if you have any photographs of value you wish to have printed or restored with the same care you would put into it, he is the man to call.



I would just like to let you know how truly impressed I am with the outcome of the restoration services you provided. When I submitted my Civil War Discharge document I was nervous as this is a family treasure, thus very important to my family. Not only is the original restored and preserved magnificently, but the replication of this document is truly amazing. It mirrors and captures the look and feel of the original work. Without fail, it exceeded my expectations.

Furthermore, you frequent updates and research of this document during the period you preformed the restoration process was far more than outstanding. It allowed me to relax while my family relic was in your trust and care.

The work is simply beautiful and I know that it will be admired by friends and family for years to come. You have a customer for life!


I wanted to restore old, damaged, but precious photos with great sentimental value. I went to Sebastian, told him what I wanted -- he did exactly what I wanted & more. Many of the photos were small, so he was able to enlarge & really pay attention to every detail, is also very gentle, mindful of fragile original photos.

Sebastian is very easy to work with, flexible & kind. His quality of work in restoration is: impeccable, faultless, more than amazing -- flawless.


During the production of our latest documentary we came across a cache of old negatives that were integral to our film. Some of the negs were 35mm, others were antique glass plate originals; some were black and white, some were color... unfortunately all were heavily scratched and in sorry shape after years of ill care.

Thankfully, Mr. Wintermute beautifully restored these priceless images to broadcast-quality and infinitely enriched our final piece.

Jesse Landberg
Homespun Films

Hi Sebastian,

I am the recipient of one of your works of art. For Christmas, my fiancée gave me a restored poster of my Dad, the poster was probably 40 years old. It was tattered, torn and generally in bad shape. It was a goofy poster of him at the grand opening of his then Enco station in Bishop, Texas. Anyway, the poster meant the world to me, especially since he passed unexpectedly in 2001. When I saw the restored poster yesterday, tears streamed down my face from the emotion of what my fiancée had done as well as the unbelievable job you did recreating that poster to look brand new. It took me back 40 years! I don't know how you do it, but it's impressive. I will recommend you to anyone. What a wonderful way in which to honor and remember our loved ones! Thank you for making my Christmas present extra special. I will remember you as I come across other photos. Thanks again and Happy New Year!


I just felt compelled to write to you and let you know what a great experience working with you and your company was.

I have a Navy Commission letter signed by President Lincoln. It is on velum which from what I understand is a difficult thing to work with. Needless to say it had seen its better days. I purchased it in a broken frame and glass with a ton of wrinkles in it.

I contacted several different companies, sent photos and my explanation of what I wished done. No one would touch it.
I came to you and you were more than willing to work with me. I can't say enough of how pleased I am with your performance in this.

It's not easy to trust someone you've never met with thousands of dollars worth of documents however you put me at ease and the final product was excellent.

Thanks again.

What a wonderful job you done on the restoration of the 110 year old certificate we recently located in our family archives. The certificate was signed by future US President Theodore Roosevelt when he was Commissioner of the New York City Police Department. The purpose of the certificate was to appoint our ancestor as member of the Department.

In 1897, our ancestor was a recent immigrant to the United States. The certificate was torn, faded, darkened and carried just about every impediment to legibility which one could imagine. However, you proceeded diligently and with care to rejuvenate this 1897 document into nearly good as new condition. It was a pleasure to work with you.

Very truly yours,

Just a quick note of thanks and appreciation to let you know my document arrived back to me safely and soundly.

I am extremely pleased with the result, and I wanted to acknowledge my complete satisfaction with your service and the end product.

I've recommended your services to other friends in the space collecting hobby.

All the best,
A HUGE, enthusiastic rec commendation! I've brought in a few photos of my grandparents and great-grandparents, over the last year and have been truly amazed at their wonderful work. Most of these photos were in horrible shape: all over 100 years old, completely faded and discolored, riddled with mold spots, and one was actually in several pieces (the effects of sitting in attics and garages for decades I suppose).

The improvements made to these photos were astounding! I didn't think they could look so good. The restoration brought out so many details and facial features no longer discernible in the originals, while also maintaining the distinctive hues and tones of the originals. The photos made excellent Christmas presents this year and added some beautiful visual archives to my family's ancestry and history.


I was very pleased with the professional, prompt service I received. I mailed in our wedding photo, which had become faded and yellowed after 30 years. The restored photo is crisp, the colors are vibrant, and my wedding dress is white again!


Last year Sebastian was extremely helpful with organizing and digitizing our family archive of thousands photographs, letters and documents going back for over hundred fifty years. This Christmas my husband and I wanted to do something special for my father and asked Sebastian to use one of the old photos for the holiday card. Sebastian took care of everything. He made a perfect choice of selecting one of my favorite childhood photos of my father riding atop of a fire truck pedal car, helped us to select the design, retouched the photograph, and using Shutterfly service had the cards printed and delivered right on time. I highly recommend Sebastian for any archiving, family history or photo restoration project you may have. - Brenda M.


In my Mom's belongings I found a picture taken in Romania that was so damaged I couldn't decide if it showed my Dad or Grandfather. Sebastian managed to restore it so that all of a sudden I had the clearest picture of my dad as a young man (as I have never known him). I can't thank Sebastian enough - he did an amazing job!



Sebastian, thank you so much for bringing my fathers Bar Mitzvah album back to life! Your Work is impeccable and has brought so much joy to the people in the pictures and our family!

NBC Universal

Thanks so much! your photo work is superb! Helen Rogers

Sebastian restored an original black and white 80+ year old photograph of my grandparents at their wedding. Because of the glue deposit used to secure the photograph in a frame, there were white stripes across the entire photo - I thought it was hopeless! But Sebastian restored the photograph and now it looks brand new! He is professional, efficient, and extremely courteous. He was very realistic about the expected results, but the photograph turned out better than I could have even hoped for. In addition to the perfect print (actually, 2) he gave me, he also gave me a C.D. with the digital print so I could print out several other copies for other family members. I highly recommend Sebastian for photo restoration.


Preserve Your Past does excellent work. I have used them for several photo restoration projects, and have been very happy/amazed with the results/quality of work they produce. Their expertise ranges from colorization to restoration (very severe restoration) on photos as well as documents. It is a great boutique shop in NYC. If you need an old photo restored, make this your first and ONLY stop. I highly recommend!



I found preserve your past on the Internet and, for once, struck lucky. I took in a bunch of old dingy snapshots and picked up beautifully enhanced and enlarged photos. The proprietor did a great job, was finished exactly when he said he would be and charged me a fair fee. What was priceless was some of the memories conjured up. My dad is dead and preserve your past gave him back to me. I can't recommend the place highly enough. I will be sending all my friends there.


Sebastian is great at what he does. I brought him a photo from 1943 to be restored for my father. The photo had cracks, water damage and had yellowed over time. He was able to repair these mistakes and brighten the photo. The end result was just awesome, and I couldn't be happier. Great person to work with and is definitely someone I would recommend. I will be bringing my old family photos to him in the future. Thank you Sebastian!!!


Sebastian did a superb job restoring photos of my husband's family, so I went to him when I wanted photos of my family restored. He was patient, explained things, completed the job in a timely manner and got the photos to us when he said he would. For both my husband and me, it was clear at the outset what we were getting and what the cost would be. We plan to return to him for our next project.


I went to Sebastian to have my fathers WWII photograph restored as a present on the Veterans Day. Sebastian he did an amazing job! The ink spots and the creases were retouched so now it is impossible to tell that the photograph was ever damaged. He even printed the copy on thick art paper and put a decorative border around it just like the original photograph had. I will be forever grateful for the work he did.


Sebastian did a wonderful job restoring photographs from my parents wedding album for their 30th wedding anniversary. Many of the photographs were very faded and some of them glued to the pages. A couple places that we went to have the photograph scanned could not do it without destroying the album.
Sebastian explained how he will do it without damaging the album or the photographs and showed me examples of his previous work. He retouched the photographs to make them look bright and colorful again and even we did not ask him to, he provided us with a DVD of all the photographs. It was a very nice thing of him to do and thanks to Sebastian in addition to presenting our parents with the restored photographs we were also able to put on a slide show during the celebration.
We will be bringing in more pictures for him to restore and highly recommend Sebastian and anyone who need such work done on their family photos.


My grandfather was the WW2 veteran and my father also served in the military so for the Fathers Day I wanted to give him something unique and decided to have a picture of the both of them in their uniforms restored and framed. It was a small and faded Polaroid so I looked for someone who would be able make it larger and bring back the colors.
Sebastian seemed to be just the right person to do that. He was very nice and told me upfront how long it would take and how much it would cost.
As he was working on the picture thanks to his advise I was able to find the perfect frame for it. The picture came out even better than I expected and my father and everyone else love it.


Sebastian did fantastic job restoring a couple of my family photos right for holidays. One of them was very faded and had a crack right across my mothers face, but he touched it up so well that it looked as nothing ever happened. He also enlarged the photographs so I had no problem getting the frames right in time.


Sebastian did an outstanding job restoring my family's treasured photos from the 19th century. He was prompt, professional, and did excellent work. I recommend him without reservation.


Sebastian did a superb job saving a boxful of our old family photographs saved from the flooded basement. Many of them were in horrible condition - faded, duty and even stuck to glass. Sebastian took time going with us through all of them, sorting them into different categories, explaining what will be done to each and showing samples of photos in similar conditions that he restored in the past. Few days after the first meting he emailed us a detailed estimate for the approval of out insurance company. It took a while until everything was done and some of the photos could not be restored, but if not for Sebastian his hard work all of them would be lost forever.


Sebastian was able to restore my grandmothers photograph that all other places refused to work on and he did a great job!!!
My grandmother was heartbroken then an old photograph of her oldest friend got wet and stuck to the glass. I must have called a dozen places and not a single of them could help. I was told to scan and email the picture or told right away that they can do nothing. I was about to give up then I called Sebastian. Apparently he had done such work many times before and all I had to do was bring the photograph to his studio.
Right before the New Year he emailed me the restored picture and asked to come by to pick up the print. I could not believe that he was able to retouch it so well! He also made it a bit larger to fit into a regular size frame and explained what kind of frame to get so if something happens the picture would not get damaged again.
I really recommend Sebastian, he is a real expert and super nice to deal with.


I recently had an old family photo restored by Sebastian. He took the original and did an incredible job retouching and making the print. I am looking forward to getting more of my family pictures restored. Thank you for all you hard work!


Sebastian did fantastic job restoring a couple of my family photos right for holidays. One of them was very faded and had a crack right across my mothers face, but he touched it up so well that it looked as nothing ever happened. He also enlarged the photographs so I had no problem getting the frames right in time.


I could have never expected that my grandfathers WWII company panoramic photo from Fort Bragg could have ever looked the way it was originally taken. Sebastian was unbelievably professional and explained all the options I could take with photo since it had all of the signatures on the back. He showed me proofs, digital copies, and when I saw the final product it was beyond anything I could have imagined. Not only did it look great but he was able to preserve the character and personality of the photo. Any further photo restorations I need, I will definitely go to Sebastian.


Sebastian of Preserve Your Past, Inc. did an incredible job with an old picture I had given him. My mother had an old photograph of her mother with a large crease down the middle and some other damage. She requested that as a Christmas gift, I get the photo restored for her. Given that I save everything for the last minute, I was worried that I would not be able to get the picture to her in time for Christmas because by the time I made an appointment with Sebastian, it was December 15th. However, even around the hectic time that is Christmas, Sebastian was able to restore the photo in less than 1 week. He emailed the prints to me a few days earlier for final approval and asked for any other suggestions that I had for him. He was very professional and is extremely talented. When my mother opened the gift, she had tears in her eyes. Needless to say, she loved the photo and the work that Sebastian had done.


Sebastian did a great job restoring an old photo of me and my mom. The original was a water damaged Polaroid from the early 70s, and somehow he was able to save it, and even enlarge it. He was very nice to work with as well.