Historic WWII photograph Douglas MacArthur and General Eisenhower meeting in JapanRestoration of WWII photographOld torn photograph restored from piecesOld photograph with teas and missing partsRestoration of davily damaged photograph.Waterdamaged photograph with mold and rust staines.Water damaged photogrrach with removed stainesOfficial photographer from an expeditionof USNS Eltanin (T-AK-270)Restoration of a photograph with tears and scotch tapeFaded photgraph of first chefs and staff of New York Sardi's Restaurantrestoration of faded sepia toned vintage photgraph.Restoration og Oil tinted photgraphHigh resolution photo scanning, archiving and digital restoration of old photographOld faded photograph from ChinaRestoration of a faded vintage photograph.Corner of the 23rd Street and Broadway before the construction of Flatiron BuildingRestoration of a historic photograph of New York CityAmerican Civil War Commemorative Union Army Discharge papersRestoration of Union Army Discharge PapersPhotograph damaged by mildew and insectsrestoration of a havily damaged wedding photo19th century Jewish family portraitRestoration of a 19th century family studio photo portraitUnrolling and flattening of a rolled up photographyRestoration of a rolled up panoramic WWII regiment photographAntique photograph with cardboard backingRestoration of an antique photograph with decorative border and backing boardTorn and cracked black and white photographDigital retouching of damaged old photograph
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