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Restoration of Civil War Union Army Discharge
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The rare Civil War Union Army Discharge document was very faded with much of the text written in iron gall ink lost or made unreadable by creases and stains. What made this document so unique was the list of battles and skirmishes that the soldier fought in, written on the back of the document. The document was carefully cleaned from accumulated dirt and degree. A replica of the document was created by making of a high resolution scan of both sided followed by retouching and recreation of missing text. Giclee prints of the document were printed on fine art matte paper that matched the texture of the original and trimmed to follow the outlines of the original.

Clients Testimonial:


I would just like to let you know how truly impressed I am with the outcome of the restoration services you provided. When I submitted my Civil War Discharge document I was nervous as this is a family treasure, thus very important to my family. Not only is the original restored and preserved magnificently, but the replication of this document is truly amazing. It mirrors and captures the look and feel of the original work. Without fail, it exceeded my expectations.

Furthermore, you frequent updates and research of this document during the period you preformed the restoration process was far more than outstanding. It allowed me to relax while my family relic was in your trust and care.

The work is simply beautiful and I know that it will be admired by friends and family for years to come. You have a customer for life!

Mike Hopkins