Can you flatten a rolled up photo? This rolled up photograph was danaged by an amature photo restorer and is in need of careful restoration.A rolled up photo partillay unrolled and ready for flattening and mending of a tearA rolled up photo after being flattened and restored


Restoration of a rolled up photograph or a document is one of the most challenging and difficult of all restoration tasks. Because simply trying to unroll a photograph may cause additional damage if not total of the item, first the photograph has to be carefully humidified in order to introduce moisture into the layers of the photo paper and make it pliable. Often the procedure of humidification has to be repeated many times with the photograph being carefully unrolled inch by inch.

The final image was printed on giclée semi gloss paper to be framed and displayed by the owners of the original photograph.

This particular photograph was not only rolled up and stored that way for many decades in a dry environment, it was also broken by careless handling. Fortunately the tear run only half through the photograph and no parts of the photograph were lost.

After the humidification, unrolling and flattening of the photograph were completed, the photograph was digitally scanned and retouched to remove all signed of damages. Light sepia tone was applied to the photograph to give the final image a delicate vintage appeal.

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