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Restoration of document signed by President Theodore Roosevelt
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The original 1887 NYPD patrolman nomination document signed by future President Theodore Roosevelt was brought to our studio in the state of high deterioration. Glued to a cardboard, it was wrinkled and yellowed with the signature of Theodore Roosevelt barely legible.

Because any attempt to separate the document from the mounting board could lead to destruction and any application of cleaning solutions may react negatively with the mounting glue, digital replication and Document Restoration was the only option available. The document was scanned at extremely high resolution to protect the intricate detailed of the engraving and handwriting.

The discoloration was removed by careful adjustment of the color balance and all details in the document were carefully retouched. The signature of the future President Roosevelt was enhanced to make it legible once again. The final image was printed on archival matte paper to be framed and displayed.


What a wonderful job you done on the restoration of the 110 year old certificate we recently located in our family archives. The certificate was signed by future US President Theodore Roosevelt when he was Commissioner of the New York City Police Department. The purpose of the certificate was to appoint our ancestor as member of the Department.

In 1897, our ancestor was a recent immigrant to the United States. The certificate was torn, faded, darkened and carried just about every impediment to legibility which one could imagine. However, you proceeded diligently and with care to rejuvenate this 1897 document into nearly good as new condition. It was a pleasure to work with you.

Very truly yours,
David H.